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Fresno Alternative Weeklies advertising

The key to successful advertising is to determine the best medium or combination of media to accomplish your sales and marketing objectives. This profile covers Alternative Newsweeklies alone or as part of an Alternative Newsweeklies / Radio media mix.

Advantages of
Alternative Weeklies

Distribution: Weeklies usually are distributed free throughout a city.

Hip Image: Many newsweeklies are targeted to hip, youngish readers who rarely look at daily newspapers. In particular, the local newsweekly is the source of choice for entertainment news among young demographics.

Add Radio to Your Media Mix

Personal Connection: Radio and alternative newsweeklies share many characteristics. Both have ties to the local community, and both have loyal followings and a unique bond with their constituents, leading to highly synergistic possibilities. Radio has been proven by the Radio Ad Lab studies to connect with listeners better than newspapers. Radio can be used to drive readers to print ads, increasing recall and effectiveness. Clubs with live music, record labels, music stores….all of these core alternative-weekly advertisers can benefit from a cross-media campaign featuring the ultimate music-friendly advertising medium – Radio.

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